Coliving in Fontainebleau

A new way to live

A true International community

City junction exists since 2006 and we have welcomed and helped thousands of INSEAD students from 180 different nationalities.

Since 2017, we engage ourselves in an agreement with INSEAD Student life to provide more information, more control, more choices or more flexibility for students …

5 good reasons to colive in Fontainebleau

1/ Get Support from peers

Rather than having to learn from your own mistakes or successes you can reach out to the community and ask if anyone has had an experience that could be valuable to your situation.

2/ Best deals & money saving

Over and above international students, Fontainebleau has a large anglophone community. Wouldn’t mind buying? Wondering how to sell? Try Fontainebleau Buy, swap and sell

3/ Fun and good time

There is some very good ones in Fontainebleau…, as well as very bad ones ….Help your fellow students…. Share your good addresses!

4/ Leave a ‘signature’ of your visit

You will never know who will be next .

5/ Strength in Numbers

Needless to say that that a group of people has more influence or power than one person..