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International students in Fontainebleau

When you're an international student at INSEAD, you've got a lot on your plate. You're not just trying to figure out how to navigate the French language and culture—you're also trying to find the best way to live in Fontainebleau.

And that's where we come in Virtual Campus / City-junction has been helping students find the perfect place to live since 2006, and we've been doing it with a personal approach for each of our 4000 + INSEAD student that have been using our services.

20 year later, we have grown up! you'll get today:
- The largest selection of properties in Fontainebleau
- A full booking support team that will make sure everything goes smoothly during your stay with us
- An online booking procedure so you can book your room from anywhere in the world
- Secure payments through our website or via credit card - Direct landlord contact information so you know who's managing your property and what happens if something goes wrong during your stay
- Qualified properties that have been inspected by our team so they meet our standards for quality living (we don't want any surprises when it comes time for inspection)
- Coliving or sharing opportunities if you're looking for roommates who share similar interests and values as you do

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The Virtual Campus module, operated locally by - Virtual Campus SAS, serves as a dedicated platform that facilitates connections between owners, investors, residence managers, and potential tenants. - Virtual Campus SAS is focused locally on fostering well-being and mutual respect among all stakeholders in Fontainebleau. Our commitment includes meticulously selecting properties that meet the specific needs of students, managing significant with contract processes, providing financial transactions supervision, and offering impartial and thorough mediation when required.

Excellence in Every Detail: Our Driving Force

Our ambition is to make your life easy in the transaction you are about to pursue. As in every country, the real estate market can be daunting..

A gigantic market with many options and opportunities, as well as many legal obstacles to overcome in a foreign country.

We are here to help you make this transition as comfortable as possible. Our selection of properties makes choosing a home that much simpler. From lavishly furnished homes to studios on a budget. We have something for you!.

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