10 min from INSEAD campus

INSEAD Fontainebleau Golden triangle

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MBA Houses for rent near insead campus

You will find below the Virtual Campus property portfolio with a 1km radius as the main criteria of selection.

From 20 to 80 m² , 550€ to 2500 € per month, The INSEAD Golden triangle gathers lovely properties for students and where, more importantly, the campus is less than 10 minutes walk.

Fontainebleau is an imperial city. You can feel and see the remains of the Napoleon empire in building facades, gardens and generally all over Fontainebleau.

This section of Fontainebleau covers the area between INSEAD campus and Fontainebleau city centre, so the closest you are from INSEAD, the furthest you will be from the city centre..

Now, let’s be realistic, Fontainebleau is a small city, about 3.4 km in diameter, and 25 minutes to walk from end to end (from one end of rue Grande to the other)

About parking :
Please be aware that this area is a nightmare as far as parking is concerned. Particularly on market days. (Tuesday; Friday and Sunday) If you do have a car, we highly advise you to park at INSEAD. Parking is paid parking through out the town. With the exception of the top of rue de France. Parking in the parking lots are free from 19H to 07H.