Terms of Service

Conditions applicable to all reservations

1-Parties and the contract:

“You” or “the Tenant” or “the Student” designates any user of this site who reserves, orders and/or buys Services offered. You may use this Site only if you are an adult and qualified to sign contracts engaging your liability. You will be financially liable for all your uses of the Site. The services sold on this Site are reserved for individuals only. “We” or “the Landlord” designates the authorized reservation centre offering student rentals on behalf of its principals and undertakes to comply with the following professional rules:

2- Purpose:

This contract is intended to provide remote electronic reservations for Virtual Campus approved accommodation. Quality is assured by the representative responsible for the geographic area in question, on behalf of the Virtual Campus. The Virtual Campus may in no case be held liable for the use of this contract by third parties

3- Online options:

This site allows the user to place an option on a reservation with Virtual campus accommodation; the option remains valid for a period of seven days. By placing an option, you block the reservation. You will then receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail. NOTE: the Landlord must receive your security deposit payment for your reservation to be confirmed.

4- Online reservation:

After making your selection you will receive a secured link to your reservation form: A screen will appear summarising the reservation information. You will then be asked to control your personal information and confirm it. Finally, when you click on the “CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING, you validate and confirm your order, declare that you have acquainted yourself with and accepted these conditions, and are thereby irrevocably bound by them. Your acceptance may not subsequently be called into question except by application of the article relating to your right or withdrawal. The automatic registration systems put in place by the Landlord are considered proof that you have entered into the reservation contract. You will receive confirmation of your order by e-mail. This confirmation will specify the essential characteristics of the reservation, its price, and its terms of payment. These reservation confirmations are kept on file Virtual Campus. They are considered proof of your consent to the reservation contract and of its date.

5-Payment methods:

Online payment (paypal) by credit card enables you to pre-reserve your accommodation online.

6- Non-transferability:

The contract is entered into intuitu personae and may not be transferred.

7-Accommodation capacity:

The contract is established for a specific number of persons. If the number of tenants exceeds the accommodation capacity, the service provider may refuse to accept the additional tenants. In this case, any amendment to or breaking of the contract will be considered at the tenant’s initiative.

8-Your pets:

The contract specifies whether you may or may not bring along a pet. If you do not comply with this clause, the service provider may refuse to accept your stay. In this case, no refund will be given. When making reservations, you are required to indicate the number of animals that will be accompanying you. A rate supplement can be applied (pet rate, deposit supplement, cleaning supplement). Specific conditions for pets may be terminated against the tenant if these conditions are not observed.

9-Cancellation by Tenant:

Cancellation: Between 60 days before the start of the rental and your arrival : The Landlord is entitled to keep 25% of the total amount. If no replacement has been found based on the same rental conditions. Cancellation: Between 30 days before the start of the rental and the day of your arrival : The Landlord is entitled to keep 50% of the total amount if no replacement has been found based on the same conditions.

11-Cancellation by Landlord:

If the Landlord cancels the accommodation before the start date of the contract, he must inform you immediately by email. You will receive an immediate refund of any sums paid, without penalties. You will also receive compensation at least equal to the penalty you would have owed if you had cancelled the reservation on that date. These provisions do not apply when an amicable agreement is entered into involving your acceptance of a replacement accommodation offered by the Landlord.

12-Change in a substantial element:

If, before the date set for the start of the rental, the Virtual Campus or/and the landlord is forced to modify any of the essential elements of the contract, you may, after being informed by email, either cancel your contract and obtain an immediate refund of the sums paid, without penalties; or accept the modification or the substitution offered by the Landlord. Any reduction in price is deducted from the sums still owed by you, and if the payment has already been made by you exceeds the price of the modified service, the overpayment will be returned to you before the start of your stay.

13-Your responsibility:

It is up to you to check that the information you provide when registering or at any other time is correct and complete. It is your responsibility to make certain that the coordinates you communicate when making your reservation are correct and that they will enable you to receive your reservation confirmation. In the event you do not receive this confirmation, you must contact VIRTUAL CAMPUS.

14-Landlord’s responsibility:

The Landlord who offers direct services to a tenant is that tenant’s sole contact and answers to him directly for any reason arising from the present terms and conditions of sale. The Landlord may not be held liable for acts of God (storms and natural distasters), or in the case of force majeure or for the actions of any person extraneous. The landlords responsibility also includes providing lodgings which are clean and safe.

15-Site use:

This site features reservations for Virtual Campus approved student accommodation, quality-assured by the Representative responsible for the geographic area in question, on behalf of Virtual Campus. The site’s function is to assist you in finding accommodation related to your expectations, and to make the appropriate reservations. Any use of the site’s reservation service that is fraudulent or violates the present Terms and Conditions of Sale may cause the Representative having local jurisdiction to deny access at any time to the services offered on this site.

16-Intellectual property:

Landlord’s undertaking: The publication of information online is subject to the same legal requirements as traditional publishing. This site’s contents are therefore governed by various laws which give the Internet-using reader various rights and obligations. The Landlord and publisher of this site undertake to comply with current publishing rules and to take all possible measures to ensure that the information offered to the public is valid. It authorises the reader to print all or part of the site’s content for strictly personal use. Your undertaking: You undertake to comply with the intellectual property rules for the various content offered on the site, which implies that you undertake not to reproduce, summarise, modify, alter or redistribute, without the prior express authorisation of the site’s proprietor, any article, title, application, software, logo, trademark, information or illustration for any use other than strictly private, which excludes any reproduction for professional, profitmaking purposes or for mass distribution. You undertake not to recopy all or part of the site onto any other medium. Failure to comply with these mandatory undertakings engages the violator’s civil and criminal liability.

17-Personal data protection:

The personal data concerning the tenant is collected by Virtual Campus is computer processed. You may receive business proposals from our network for products and services similar to those you have ordered. Pursuant to the “Information technology and Freedoms” Act of 06/01/78 amended in 2004, you have a right to access and correct the information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right, you need only to write to us, or to send us your request by e-mail. The Virtual Campus maintains the confidentiality of the data entered into the firms on this site.

18-Applicable legislation and jurisdiction:

The parties agree that this contract is governed by French law, including to jurisdiction over it.


Except in the case of manifesedt error by the Landlord, it is expressly agreed that the data system of the Landlord and/or its partners have probative value with regard to orders submitted. The computer-based or electronic data kept by the Landlord constitutes proof. If this data is produced by the Landlord as means of proof in any contentious or other procedures, they will be admissible, valid and enforceable between the parties. In the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document prepared, received or kept in writing.

20-Complaints – Dispute settlement –

Any complaint relating to the electronic reservation procedure may be addressed to the City Junction HQ . Any complaint relating to the condition of the premises and/or the description of the accommodation must be submitted to the VIRTUAL CAMPUS within three days of entry into the premises.


Rates are indicated for each property .

23-No retraction:

For a reservation made by letter, telephone or Internet, the renter does not have the right of retraction, pursuant to article L121-20-4 of the Consumer Code relating in particular to accommodation services provided at a given date


You must present yourself on the day specified and at the time mentioned in the reservation contract or on the acknowledgement of receipt of your reservation. In the event that you arrive late or your arrival is postponed or prevented at the last moment, you must notify the Virtual Campus (or proprietor) whose address and telephone number appear on your reservation comfirmation

25-Statement of condition:

An inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by you and the proprietor or his representative when you arrive at and depart from the lodgings. This inventory constitutes the sole reference in the event of a dispute regarding the condition of the premises. You are required to make use of the rental property as would a reasonable person. The cleanliness of the lodgings when you arrive must be indicated in the statement of condition of the premises.

26-Security deposit:

Your reservation will be considered validated on the reception of the security deposit paid to the landlord. After the exit inspection is done at the time of departure, this deposit is returned, minus the cost of restoring the premises to their original condition. In the event of early departure (prior to the times mentioned on the fact sheet) preventing the proper exit inspection of the premises from being prepared, the exit inspection will be done by the owner and there is no recourse to the condition of the said property. The refund of the deposit under French law is two months. However most owners endevour to refund the deposits once the cleaning has been done.

27-Payment of charges:

In the event that the charges are provisional, a regularisation will be done at the end of the lease. This amount is determined based on the actual consumption of the tenants. The calculation mentioned in the fact sheet, and documentation is provided by the proprietor.


You are responsible for all damages caused by you. You must be insured by a holiday-type insurance contract for these various risks. You may be asked to present an insurance certificate when you arrive at the premises Special conditions applicable to reserving a tourist holiday The conditions appearing in this chapter complement the conditions applicable to all reservations. This insurance must cover the contents of the premises and your belongings ; from fire, theft, broken windows and natural distasters

29-Contract transfer:

You may transfer your contract to a transferee who meets the same conditions as you ,to take over the contract. In this case, you are required to inform the reservation service of your decision by registered letter with confirmation of receipt no later than 30 days before the start of the contract . The contract transfer must be made at cost. The transferor and the transferee are jointly liable towards the Landlord for payment of the balance or the price and any additional charges occasioned by this transfer.