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"Embrace Effortless Living: Discover the All-Inclusive Experience". Our company excels in providing a diverse range of student accommodations, including houses, apartments, castles, duplexes, and shared residences, tailored for international students arriving in Fontainebleau, France, primarily serving those attending INSEAD.

We take pride in our Virtual Campus, a unique platform that offers students a comprehensive, all-inclusive living experience designed to alleviate financial worries.
Our aim is to enable students to concentrate entirely on their academic pursuits and personal development.

Each property within our portfolio comes with a full suite of amenities to cover all essential needs, including utilities such as electricity, heating, gas, as well as linens, high-speed internet, and a fully equipped kitchen for communal use. To further enhance the living experience, some of our accommodations offer additional perks like parking spaces, bicycles for easy transportation, gym facilities for health and fitness, on-site maintenance for convenience, and laundry services to ensure a comfortable stay.

Our holistic approach to student housing is crafted to streamline the adaptation process to academic life, removing the burden of household management. This strategy not only simplifies the logistical aspects of living abroad but also significantly contributes to enriching the student's journey, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in their studies and personal growth without the distraction of day-to-day domestic concerns.

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