Sublease in Fontainebleau

How to Sublease

Numerous students are looking at a place to stay in Fontainebleau….and on your side, your plans might have changed…

Sub leasing is, per default, not allowed in France, yet it is doable.

Landlords are very wary about subleasing as, as the past taught us, it brings multiple possible issues, notably about the share of the responsibility (security deposit disputes between tenants) and rent responsibilities.

The Landlords working with Virtual Campus agreed on the sublease possibilities only if it is handled according to the law. It remains a case-by-case situation for landlord (with our help) which will consider the qualification of the future sub-tenant.

Subleasing begins then with a valid and verified sub-tenant.

Once the sub-tenant is qualified and authorized by us and the landlord, the procedure will start.

we provide a service (charged to the sub-tenant) of 192 Euros TTC that includes :

  • - Sub-tenant qualification and presentation to landlord
  • - Landlord authorization
  • - Sublease contract (yousign)
  • - Digital inspection at the time of the sub lease

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