# VILLA PATTON - INSEAD Student Residences


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Unleash a new era of student living! We proudly present the FIRST residence exclusively for INSEAD students in Fontainebleau.

Discover the essence of student living in Fontainebleau! 10 sleek bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms create a vibrant community across three levels. Enjoy unmatched privacy with kitchens and lounges on each floor, redefining your student experience.


Villa Patton: A Prestigious Residence for INSEAD Students

Villa Patton is a distinguished city residence situated in the heart of Fontainebleau, designed to meet the sophisticated needs of INSEAD students. This majestic property encompasses three independent apartments, each spread over different levels, offering a unique blend of community and privacy.

Property Features

Apartment Layouts: Each apartment is meticulously designed, featuring three to four spacious bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. This setup ensures utmost privacy and convenience for every resident. Every unit includes a comfortable living/dining room, perfect for relaxation and entertaining. The kitchens are equipped with modern appliances and ample space for culinary activities.

Versatile Living: The beauty of Villa Patton lies in its versatility. When the doors are open, the residence transforms into a grand shared house, fostering a sense of community among its inhabitants. Conversely, closing the doors provides a peaceful and private environment, ideal for focused study or relaxation.

Outdoor Amenities

Spacious Outdoor Area: The residence boasts expansive outdoor spaces, perfect for social gatherings or solitary relaxation. Residents can spend sunny days lounging on comfortable chairs, enjoying the company of friends, or hosting a BBQ.

Ideal for INSEAD Students

Villa Patton is not just a place to stay; it's a place to thrive. With its prime location in Fontainebleau, students have easy access to both the INSEAD campus and the vibrant local community. The residence is managed by Virtual Campus, a company renowned for its dedication to the INSEAD market. With over 230 properties and a stellar reputation, Virtual Campus ensures that every need of INSEAD students is met with professionalism and care.

Why Choose Villa Patton? Catering specifically to the INSEAD community, the residence fosters a network of ambitious and like-minded individuals. From the thoughtful design of the apartments to the lush outdoor spaces, Villa Patton epitomizes luxury and comfort. With Virtual Campus's extensive experience and excellent service record, residents can expect prompt and efficient support.

Embrace the opportunity to live in a residence that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Choose Villa Patton for an unparalleled living experience during your academic journey at INSEAD.

Discover your perfect home—blending personal space with enriching connections, elevating living arrangements to embody companionship within the INSEAD lifestyle. Unleash shared moments and academic pursuits in our exclusive community!

Ease into convenience! Our residence provides parking and bike rentals, eliminating hassles and promoting a sustainable, active lifestyle. Smoothly navigate Fontainebleau, just 10 minutes from campus, with our thoughtful amenities..

Immerse in vibrant community spaces! The common area, a hub of convenience and leisure, offers shared laundry, a BBQ zone for gatherings, and indoor/outdoor relaxation. Elevate your Fontainebleau living with these enticing amenities!

Enjoy worry-free living! Our management ensures seamless operations, featuring a dedicated house manager, reliable realtor check-ins (contact Virtual Campus), and a skilled handyman at your service. Welcome to precision-managed, care-filled living in Fontainebleau!

Fixed 300 euros Administration fees,for all periods