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Student Support: How We Make a Difference

As the go-to experts in housing solutions for INSEAD students, City-junction, Virtual Campus, stands unparalleled.

Our portfolio ensures we match your unique needs with the perfect property.

Our commitment extends to a comprehensive booking service, including end-to-end support, a streamlined online reservation process, secure transactions, and direct interactions with vetted landlords.
We exclusively collaborate with landlords who are attuned to the requirements of international students, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your new environment.
Our professional team will oversee every aspect of your accommodation process, ensuring compliance with all regulations and a stress-free transition.

At City-junction, Virtual Campus, we prioritize offering exceptional value, with all properties conveniently located near the campus to simplify your daily commute

Student Testimonial

Rodolfo Estay

INSEAD MBA Participant

For a lot of us, finding the right place to live when at INSEAD is a key item on that "unfinishable to do list" we have before starting the MBA. My service story with Virtual camus - City-Junction is compelling because it reinforces the fact they are to be trusted regarding the places they advertise. In fact, I had the rare chance of having my mother pass by Fontainebleau, and, despite seeing lots of places with multiple agencies, she concluded the best place for us to be was a Virtual camus place. So, if you don't have the luxury to come and see before hand - a reality for most - then you know who you can trust.

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A Closer Look at the Virtual Campus: Our Most Valuable Resources

Open up a line of communication

At INSEAD, we understand that renting a property in a foreign country, dealing with a different language and culture can be challenging. That's why our team of local agents is here to help you overcome these hurdles.

We will provide you with expert assistance at every stage of your housing rental transactions, ensuring that you have a smooth experience throughout your time at INSEAD. Our agents will also share key information with you and keep you informed of your rights and obligations, so you can make informed decisions. You can count on us to be with you every step of the way.

Trust and Accountability

Our commitment to two key qualities has led to an impressive 98% satisfaction rate. At INSEAD, we recognize the importance of collaboration and communication between landlords and tenants. That's why our Virtual Campus and INSEAD student life teams work together to ensure that both parties are fully aware of their contractual agreements.

Throughout the contract period, we provide support and assistance to both landlords and tenants through all acceptable means. This collaborative approach has enabled us to maintain a high level of satisfaction among our clients.

These are the 2 qualities that helped us reach a 98% satisfaction rate.

True and accurate representation

At Virtual Campus Fontainebleau, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and providing accurate information on our website. To achieve this, we make it a priority to personally view each property, whether it be a house, shared house, castle, apartment, or studio.

During our property visits, we take detailed notes on specific descriptions and specifications, capture pictures of both the interior and exterior, and conduct interviews with landlords to gain valuable insights. We also assess coliving capacities, where applicable, to ensure that they meet our standards.

This meticulous approach enables us to present realistic and reliable information on our site, giving our clients the confidence to make informed decisions about their housing choices.

Standards and processes

Drawing on our 20 years of experience and high standards, we have a keen sense of the market's demands. Our selection of accommodations has been carefully curated with our students in mind and each property has been personally visited and assessed by our team.

We take great care to ensure that the properties we advertise on our platform offer a true representation of what is being advertised. Our rigorous selection process and attention to detail ensure that we only offer properties that meet INSEAD Student standards, giving our clients peace of mind and a greater level of confidence in their housing choices.